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Customer Support Outsourcing

Our customer support outsourcing solution can help you achieve your business goal of higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. We global provides customer care outsourcing services that strengthen relationships and boost business growth.

Inquiry Handling Services

This is one of the most basic functions that our call center does: Handling inquiries. To be able to manage expectations by providing the right answers would mean having a huge chance that that customer would then take the next step and purchase the product or the service that you have. However, if you are unable to take a call well, you can be sure that the customer would move on to another provider that offers the same product or service or at least something similar to it. This is the very reason why a lot of businesses are investing in good contact centers that have the best agents at inquiry handling and customer handling. Our bpo customer support outsourcing solutions will help you address all of these.

Direct Response Services

direct response services means we will handle calls or messages from potential customers who saw your print ads, TV commercials, Facebook ads, or direct mails. A direct response call center encourages customers to push through the transaction by providing additional information about your product or service. Because it guides customers into action, it can bring your business good sales results.

If your business advertise using the following media channel, our solution is perfect for you.

  • Print ads (newspaper, magazines)
  • TV or Radio commercials
  • Sponsored content on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, VK, Google, etc)
  • Email Blast
  • Billboard, flyers, and other related marketing materials

Order Taking Services

Global’s Customer Support Services Outsourcing also includes order taking services which means that we will handle all call orders coming in. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business such as the quality of the products or services.

Multilingual Support Services

Global Multilingual Support Services will eliminate that language barrier that always prevents your customers from reaching you using their native language. Our BPO customer support outsourcing solution also offers English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, and Filipino support Services.

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